Signs Your Ex Wants You

Signs That Your Ex Still Wants You Back

How to know when your ex girlfriend is still in love with you

Not all breakups are permanent. That's why you're here. Chances are you already know a whole bunch of couples who've broken up and gotten back together again, and maybe you've even done it yourself a couple of times.

And toward the end of the breakup? There will be signs. Signals. Little hints given off by your ex to let you know it's okay to proceed.

This is when your ex wants you back. She's finally over the breakup, and is getting ready to accept you back as her boyfriend once again.

Even so, it doesn't mean you should go running full speed straight into her arms. Because as with all breakups and makeups, there's a tentative period of reconcile that must be handled very delicately, so that the same mistake that broke you up in the first place are not made again.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex Girlfriend

Reversing your breakup can often be a hard-won battle, fought step by step to win your girlfriend over. If this is the case, you need to handle the final few days (and even hours) of your breakup with kid gloves. You don't want to move too quickly, and you don't want to look too desperate. In other words, you don't want to scare her off.

Reversing Your Breakup
Slow and Low: That is the Tempo

For this reason, it's always best to take things slowly.

By not rushing the process of reconciliation, you're allowing the breakup to resolve itself more on YOUR terms instead of solely on hers.

This is a LOT more important than you might think.

Right now you're caught up in the moment, ready to scoop your girlfriend into your arms again. But in actuality, she's looking for a lot more than just a quick hug and a kiss.

In taking you back, or getting back together, your girlfriend is looking for justification. She wants to know that the breakup accomplished something, even if it was to teach you both that you miss and love each other.

She wants to feel validated in her decision to reverse her decision. She's looking for signs that it's the right move, and that she's in the right place.

You never want your ex to be getting back with you out of boredom, pity, guilt, or anything else like that. She should want you back because she misses you, and this is when you should start seeing those telltale signs that your ex is still in love with you.

Getting Some Help To Get Her To Miss You

If you're not yet at the point where your ex girlfriend misses you, there are ways of giving her that extra push. The push needs to come indirectly however, and done in a way that's not forceful or obvious.

Check out the shortcuts found here for some very interesting yet subtle techniques that will make your girlfriend both miss and need you again.

Signs She Still Has Feelings For You

Knowing when it's okay to move forward with the reconciliation

Okay, so you want to know exactly when it's okay to approach your ex girlfriend. And the answer to that, of course, is once she starts showing the bigger signs of wanting you back.

Getting back together requires efficient use of timing. You want to approach your ex when she's most approachable, and leave her in the dust when she's most likely to be lonely.

By identifying the signs she's still crushing on you, you can more effectively plan your best approach. Success or failure often depends on offering up the olive branch at a time when your ex girlfriend is most likely to take it.

Signs and Signals She'll Give Off When She Wants You Back

Below you'll find some of the more common evidence that shows up when your ex is reconsidering the breakup:

Your Ex Starts Calling or Contacting You:

One of the more direct signs your girlfriend might be changing her mind is when she starts initiating contact. This usually comes after you've broken all ties and kept completely isolated from her, also known as the No-Contact phase of the breakup.

Exgirlfriend Calls You

When your ex girlfriend is getting in touch with you, it's a great sign of being interested again. It takes a lot for a girl who dumped you to pick up the phone and dial your number, even if she makes up some bullshit excuse like 'I'm calling to get my stuff back'.

A more tentative way your ex will reach out to you might be through email or text-message. This isn't any less of a sign she still likes you however, it only means she's a little less ready to talk to you directly.

No matter how she gets back in touch, it's important that you know how to handle it. Jumping the gun or acting too eager to hear from her can hurt your chances of getting her back.

Learn exactly what you should say to your ex when she does call, so you can be better prepared for it when it happens. And believe me, it will happen.

Your Ex Starts Asking Your Friends About You

The no-contact approach will always make your ex curious... but when she starts asking your friends about you? That's a pretty big sign that she's just about ready to get back together again.

Think of it this way: your ex knows you'll find out that she was asking about you. Your friends are certainly going to tell her. Therefore, it's logical to assume she wants you to know. It's an indirect way of feeling you out, as well as finding out if you're still single and available to her.

Your Ex Girlfriend Gets Affectionate Toward You Again

Maybe you hang out in the same social circles, work together, or maybe she 'showed up' out of the blue just to see you. Either way, when your ex is physically around you again it's a pretty big sign she's looking for some sort of reconciliation.

Ex Flirts With You
You'll definitely know it when your
ex starts flirting with you again

And an even bigger sign? When your ex gets affectionate or flirty with you. This is something she would never do if she didn't want you back, unless you were dating the queen of the cocktease.

If you happen to be around your ex, pay close attention to her body language. Does she lean into you when she talks, or is she more standoffish? Does she touch you hand or arm? Does her voice get just a little bit sweeter when she addresses you?

These are all signs of interest. They're done for your benefit, because your ex is thinking of giving your relationship another shot.

You'll know when your ex wants you again, because she'll begin seducing you in much the same way she did when you first started dating. She'll give off the same 'come on' vibes, and the same 'go-ahead' signals.

Again, it's important to take things slow. You can encourage your ex's advances here, but not too much. If you seem too eager to take her back, you blow your chances of doing it on your own terms. This is when getting back together can forge much stronger bonds, and put you in a better position for the future of your relationship.

Your Exgirlfriend Begins Throwing Herself At You Sexually

Let's face facts: when it comes to sex, women are different from men. They treat the physical act of having sex with a lot more significance than men do, which is why an ex girlfriend trying to sleep with you is doing it for mostly emotional - and not purely physical - reasons.

Ex Girlfriend Wants Sex
Her panties... the last line of defense

When your ex girlfriend initiates sex it's a pretty big deal for her. She's physically missing you big time, but she's also missing the emotional comfort that comes with being connected, hip to hip, between the sheets.

There's always the rare occasion that your ex wants to sleep with you in a no-strings attached "friends with benefits" type of relationship. For the most part however, an ex girlfriend who's willing to have sex with you after the breakup is probably expecting it to mean something.

In other words, don't take advantage of her sexual needs by banging your ex and walking away. If you really want her back, you'll need to accept the fact that your girlfriend is giving herself to you as a sign of reconciliation... and not just because she was horny that night.

To get her back, you need to both identify AND accept the signs that she still wants you. Some guys might even seek to punish their ex girlfriends at this point for breaking up with them in the first place, and this is not what you want. Punishing your ex will always lead to bitterness and resentment that could poison any future relationship you have together.

Other Ways To Know If Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

These are only some of the more common signals that your ex is still interested in you. There are many others, and some of them are a lot more subtle and difficult to see.

Yet while knowing that she still loves you is a great feeling, sometimes it's hard to get your girlfriend to that point. In these cases, you'll need some help in making your ex view you as a potential boyfriend again, and as someone she'd like to renew a relationship with.

There's one breakup guide dedicated mostly to re-creating that early magic. This is the magic you had when you first started dating; the feelings you had for each other when you and your ex first came together as a couple.

Win Back Love is especially helpful if you're having trouble getting your ex girlfriend to reconnect to you. If she's not recognizing the more emotional aspects of your past relationship, this instantly downloadable guidebook can help bring her mentally and emotionally back to the very beginnings of your relationship once again.

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