Sex With Your Ex Girlfriend

When Is It Okay To Have Sex With Your Ex?

Knowing when it's okay to start sleeping with your ex again

Of all the things you'll miss from your past relationship, sex has to be pretty high up there on the list.

But what if you had the opportunity to sleep with your ex girlfriend, even after the breakup? And what if the arrangement was made in an NSA, or no-strings attached kind of way?

While 99.9% of guys everyone would jump at those opportunities, here's an even better question: could you handle it? Especially if you ended up being one of a few other select guys your ex was actually sleeping with?

Sex is a tremendous part of any relationship, and good sex can go a long way toward putting people back together. Couples break up for lots of reasons, but if the sex is great there's always an underlying sense of possible physical connection, even a very long time after separating.

But when should you have sex after the breakup? At what point during the reconciliation process is it okay to sleep with your exgirlfriend... and when would it be considered too soon?

Sex During the Breakup
Breakup Sex: it blows away normal sex

These answers lie in the type of contact you've had with your ex, and how far along you are toward actually getting back together.

In some ways, having sex can be that final big step that puts you back together with your ex. Some girls would even consider you a boyfriend again, after having jumped back into bed with you post-breakup.

However, you also need to be careful of some other scenarios that don't end so well. Because believe it or not, it's not uncommon for an ex girlfriend to actually use you purely for sexual purposes.

In some of these cases, she might still not want the relationship back. This could go against your own expectations, and if you're not emotionally prepared for it, could knock you flat on your ass.

The Truths and Myths About Breakup Sex

Breakup sex can be HOT. There's a forbidden nastiness to it, as you and your ex girlfriend both know you're involved in something that you probably shouldn't be doing.

When you're having sex during the breakup, the intensity is higher as well. You miss each other, physically and emotionally. Putting your bodies back together is a fast way to satisfy your natural and more primal urges, while still enjoying the security of already knowing each other on every personal level.

Sleeping With Your Ex
Sex with your ex girlfriend: nasty, forbidden,
and a high probability for scratchmarks

Breakup sex can also be a little bit angry, and even violent at time. The breakup has you both frustrated, and you're taking those frustrations out on each other in a sexual way.

There's also a dangerous element to sleeping with an ex who may or may not be sleeping with someone else. That adds just one more level of thrill to the fact that, for right now at least, you are the one who physically possesses her.

Finally, sleeping with your ex during the breakup will feel like a sure way to impress her that one final time. If your goal is to get your girlfriend back, you're going to do everything within your power to make that sex the best sex she's ever had.

Every time you have sex could be the last time you hook up. So if you do choose to get back in bed with each other? You'll want to nail your ex's socks off. You'll want to give it to her good enough to make sure she remembers it.

Getting Her Back - Knowing When It's Okay To Have Sex

Having sex with your ex out of the clear blue sky doesn't generally happen, except maybe in movies. Usually, you'll have started talking again, seen each other a few times, and maybe even hung out in a sort of 'trial makeup' or 'second run' scenario.

Reintroducing sex into your relationship is one of the last steps on the road to winning your girlfriend back. It's also extremely important that you get the timing down correctly.

Move too soon, and you could actually piss your ex off. You don't want her thinking you're getting back together just to sleep with her again.

You need to look for the signs that signals that she's really into it, and these include her overall body language as well as emotional cues that will tell you when she's ready to get naked and freaky again.

Morning After Regret
Never push for sex too soon;
it's always best to let her come to you

The one thing you want to avoid is next-morning regret. If your ex girlfriend wasn't ready to get back in bed with you just yet, she might feel guilty after having done the deed.

This is why you never want to push her into having sex with you, but rather just the opposite.

By being the gentleman and playing a little bit hard to get, you can manipulate your ex's needs so that she makes the call.

If she really does want you, she has to make that first move... and this puts you in the driver's seat later on, because you were never the one who pushed or pressed her to reinitiate that physical relationship.

Ex Girlfriend Sex - Friends With Benefits

Sex can help get her back, but it can also lose her for good

One of the bigger pitfalls to having sex with an exgirlfriend is falling into the 'friends with benefits' type of relationship.

A lot of guys might laugh here, and not see this as a problem at all. But if your ultimate goal is to actually get your girlfriend back, then a friends with benefits, no strings attached type of arrangement is the last thing you want.

FWB is the opposite of the Friend Zone. Here, you're acting as a plaything to satisfy your ex girlfriend's physical needs. And sure, while a lot of your sexual needs get satisfied as well? On a mental and emotional level, you'll move further and further away from reconnecting with your ex.

Too much sex during the breakup can actually chip away at your girlfriend's emotional need for you. As she's grinding her physical needs out on your very agreeable body, she's mentally and emotionally elsewhere.

Your ex is looking for someone to satisfy those needs, while keeping herself physically occupied with you. But once she meets that new guy? Your friends with benefits agreement becomes null and void. Because the second she experiences the sexual fireworks of the honeymoon phase of her budding new romance, any and all deals she had with you are now OFF.

If you want your ex as your full-fledged girlfriend again, and not just as a temporary sex toy? You need to temper that desire with some logic. You need to examine what makes her need you at emotional levels, and work toward fulfilling those needs.

Getting Back Your ExGirlfriend
Going in for the ass-grab... always classy

Knowing when to reintroduce sex back into a broken relationship can be tough. It's hard to get the timing right, so that both parties get what they want from it at the same time.

Still, sex can really cement her desire to be with you again. It can turn you from her ex boyfriend back into her boyfriend, as long as you're patient enough to let things go the way she wants.

And while playing hard to get might seem counterproductive, it also makes her realize how much she needs you, both physically and emotionally. Just don't play too hard to get or your ex will think you're playing games, or that you don't want her anymore.

In the end, sleeping with an ex girlfriend is okay... as long as you've already completed most of the steps necessary to get her back.

You'll know when the time is right. And if you pay close enough attention to her? You'll also know when the time is wrong.

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