Facebook an Ex Girlfriend

Can I Still Talk To My Ex Through Facebook?

Facebooking your ex after the breakup: how to handle e-contact

Truly breaking up is ridiculously hard these days. You can't just walk away anymore; now you have to delete your ex from your phone contacts, email lists, and whatever social networks you've been using to follow and communicate with each other during the course of the relationship.

And so what about Facebook? What about MySpace?

Is it okay to still talk to your ex on these websites, or should you go as far as to completely de-friend your ex girlfriend after the breakup?

And if you don't remove your ex from your friends list, what happens next? Do you still pull up her Facebook page to see what she's doing?

Talking To Ex Through Facebook
Using Facebook after the breakup;
the same as talking to your ex

Is your ex girlfriend looking at your Facebook or MySpace page to see what you're up to as well?

Stopping the phone calls and emails is all well and good, but Facebook and the rest of these social networks provide a very sticky situation for people who break up.

It seems unnatural enough for two people who talk and communicate every day to suddenly end all contact entirely. Social networking sites and Facebook walls seem innocent enough, don't they?

So can you still do it? Or is it considered breaking the no-contact rule if you're still checking your ex's Facebook page, and maybe stopping in to say hello?

The Hard Truth About Facebooking After a Break Up

Unfortunately for anyone desperate to still make contact, the answer is not what you want to hear. Because no, you should NOT be Facebooking with your ex girlfriend after she breaks up with you... not if you want any legitimate shot of getting her back.

Checking your ex's Facebook or MySpace page is the electronic equivalent of actually stalking her.

I mean, what's the difference? Just because you're not slow-rolling past her house in your car during the late evening hours doesn't mean you're not trying to see everything she does, and everyone she's hanging out with.

Let's face it, you're not stopping by those websites just to 'say hi'. You're prying for whatever information you can get, because right now, you and your girlfriend are broken up.

So if you're still on your exgirlfriend's Facebook or MySpace page? Yes, you're still chasing her. And as long as you're still chasing after your ex, you'll never be in the position of power and control needed to actually get her back.

Using Facebook To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Okay, now for some good news. You ready for it?

You CAN use Facebook as a tool to help win your girlfriend back.

The difference here is that you'll be manipulating your Facebook page, while not even checking up on hers at all.

There are things you can do to make your ex jealous, and these can be very much enhanced and added to by the way you handle your own Facebook or MySpace page.

Because no matter how the breakup happened, guess what?

Ex Girlfriend Checking Up On You
She's still checking up on you...
for all her own reasons

Your girlfriend is still checking up on you.

She's still watching and poking and prodding to see how you've handled the breakup, and to what extent you still want and need her back.

Girls do this out of curiosity, they do it out of boredom, but most of all, they do it out of the need to be loved.

Even though she broke up with you, your ex still wants to feel that you love her. It's nice to be chased, pursued, and obsessed over. It adds to her ego, her confidence, and her security in knowing that all the power and control over the decision she made to end your relationship rests solely with HER.

In knowing that she's still checking up on the things you're doing, there are ways of transforming your own Facebook page into a really great tool for making your girlfriend want you again.

The best techniques for changing your Facebook page after the breakup can by found by checking out Michael Griswold's M3 System.

Totally awesome stuff in there, and fast-working too.

Unfriending Your Exgirlfriend on Facebook

After she breaks up with you, it's very tempting to rush home and 'un-friend' your ex as fast as possible. After all, she just rejected you, and this is one small way in which you can reject her.

Yet while counter-rejection is usually a good thing, in this particular case you really don't want to defriend your ex.

There are a number of reasons behind it, one of them already being mentioned in that you can use your own Facebook page to make your girlfriend jealous of your post-breakup life.

Unfriending your girlfriend as one of your Facebook contacts sends a bad message. It says: "I'm bitter", and that's not the way you want to come off while trying to get your ex back.

Removing her as a friend from Facebook or MySpace is a one-way ticket, and there won't be any going back. Doing it just after she breaks up with you shows that you're being spiteful, petty, and maybe even a bit childish: all unattractive traits you really don't want to exhibit right now.

Defriending Your Ex On Facebook
Defriending your ex: not a good idea

So the best thing to do? Leave your ex as a friend. Totally ignore the fact that you just broke up, and don't do anything regarding your social networks at all.

You should also go one step further by not logging onto Facebook or MySpace for a little while after the breakup happens. This lets your ex realize that Facebook means little to you, as does checking up on whatever it is that she's doing.

Here's where you need to resist the temptation to check your ex girlfriend's Facebook page.

No matter what happens, you want to appear as if you couldn't give less of a shit what she was doing.

The only important thing? What you're doing. And according to your own Facebook page, you're going to be do everything that's associated with fun and awesome.

Changing Your Facebook Page After The Breakup

Remember, your girlfriend broke up with you for certain reasons. She no longer wanted to be with you, and she weighed the options in letting you go.

To get your ex back, you need to make her want you again. This means making yourself into something she'd totally need back, kinda like the way she needed you when you first started dating.

So... remember the places you used to go? Head out there, this time with friends and family. Have a blast. Take lots of pictures. Give a lot of high-fives, and make sure these photos become a part of your next Facebook post.

Great Time Without Your Ex
Having a great time without your ex girlfriend:
always the best way to make her want you again

Your girlfriend will feel a little wounded by the fact that you're going to that 'special place' without her. She'll also start to feel a little jealous of the good times you seem to be still having.

And worst of all? She'll see you laughing and smiling. This is NOT what your exgirlfriend expects to see, after having just broken your heart... or so she thought, anyway.

Your ex would rather you were home, alone, mourning the fact that you're no longer with her. But instead you're out having the best time of your life, surrounded by friends and fun, without really needing her at all.

There are LOTS more ways of getting your ex to notice you again, especially if she's been ignoring you since the breakup.

Check out these other counter-intuitive moves designed exclusively to change the your ex sees your post-breakup lifestyle.

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