Know if She Still has Feelings For You

How Can I Tell If My Ex Still Loves Me?

Spotting the telltale signs that she still has feelings for you

In getting dumped, you'll wonder where all those incredible feelings your girlfriend once had for you seem to have gone.

I mean it just doesn't make sense: One minute she's hanging affectionately off your shoulder, yet right after the breakup your now ex-girlfriend is completely and totally avoiding anything to do with you.

Her feelings quickly fade. She doesn't want to listen to reason. Your girlfriend seems cold and distant toward you, whereas only a few days ago she was warm and loving.

So what gives? Did your ex's feelings suddenly just disappear? Or did she somehow bury them, beneath her now-tough exterior, in order to remain broken up without having to think about you?

Uncovering How Your Girlfriend Really Still Feels About You

Getting these answers is tough, especially now that you're no longer dating. It's not like your girlfriend is going to tell you the truth; she's more likely to hide her true feelings in order to keep you from trying to get her back.

And while working toward getting your girlfriend back? Knowing how she feels is very important. Understanding her overall mindset can determine when you should take action, as well as the best times to sit back and wait for your ex to come toward you.

Ex Girlfriends Feelings
Don't question your ex's feelings right away.

Initially, your girlfriend is going to be very guarded. She's the one who broke up with you, so it's only natural that she expects you to want her back.

During any contact you make with her (and you shouldn't be making any), she's NOT going to give you a straight answer about how she still might feel.

Later on however, there may be certain undeniable signals that indicate when your ex is thinking about you, or even starting to want you back. Some will be obvious, while other signs will be a lot more subtle.

Why Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You  (Yes, Even Now)

Let's be honest: women tend to have very deep-seeded feelings and attachments. Just because your girlfriend broke up with you doesn't mean she was able to throw her feelings for you completely away. Because unless you did something particularly terrible, she still has emotional bonds to you that will linger on for a very long time, whether she likes it or not.

When it's time to get back with your ex, you'll be able to use these bonds against her. There are ways of reminding your ex of what you mean to her without even approaching or talking to her at all.

It's these subtle techniques that will get her back. You can't go charging in like a bull and hope to reverse your breakup using brute force. Your ex girlfriend must be finessed into remembering those good times you shared together, and coaxed into re-living those feelings of closeness she once had with you.

Make Your Exgirlfriend Want You Back
You want your girlfriend to chase
you... not the other way around

What most guys don't realize is that you can't convince your ex to take you back. That's like sailing against the wind, and you'll end up going nowhere.

Instead, you need to make your girlfriend think that getting back together was her own idea.

This is the equivalent of tacking with the wind, and using the momentum of your past relationship to drive you through the breakup and into the reconciliation phase of getting back together again.

Is it easy? No. But it's ten times harder if you're taking the wrong approach to winning her back.

Recognizing Signs That Your Ex Still Has Feelings

When your girlfriend still cares for you, you'll know it. Inwardly, you'll feel that those bonds are still there, and eventually, you'll be able to use those connections to get your ex back.

At first however, it's hard to tell. And the main reason it's so hard is because of wishful thinking.

Right now, you're probably looking for ANY little indication that she still loves you. You're combing over everything your ex has said, written, or texted you in the last few days and weeks. Like a detective, you're pouring over the evidence trying to find the truth.

Or, at least, what you think is the truth. Because right now, your heart will try to skew that evidence in your favor. Your mind will play a more logical role, but your heart will keep telling you - beyond all hope or reason - that your ex still loves and needs you.

For now, you need to override your heart and try to think with a straight, clear mind. Any decisions you make based upon false hope are going to really hurt your chances when it comes to winning her back. When it's time to do something, it needs to be tempered with reason. Your actions can't be based solely upon what YOU want, but need to be tailored around whatever will make your ex girlfriend need you again.

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings

Things to look for when she's still in love with you

The severity of your breakup can be measured by how much your exgirlfriend still cares for you. By checking for certain signals and mannerisms, you can usually tell when she's having second thoughts.

Your Ex Keeps In Touch - If your girlfriend is still talking to you after the breakup, it's because there's a part of her still hanging on. She doesn't want you to go away completely, so she's initiating just enough contact to satisfy her emotional need to keep you around.

That said, if you are the one initiating all the contact? Things don't mean as much. There are ways of getting your ex to call you after the breakup, giving you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting back together. Learning these methods is a key part of the reversal process.

She Shows Up To See You - A girlfriend who's serious about breaking up with you would never show up to physically see you. This would easily send mixed signals, and she'd avoid you for days and even weeks after the breakup to prevent getting your hopes up.

Know if Your Ex Girlfriend Still Likes You
There are a lot of signals she'll give off when your ex isn't over you yet

So when she's going out of her way to meet up with you face to face? It's a sure sign of residual attachment. In wondering how to tell if your ex girlfriend still loves you, this is one of the bigger signs.

Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Your Things - If you've left anything of significance over at your ex's home or apartment, she's pretty much obligated to give that stuff back. An ex who wants you out of her life for good will box these things up quickly, and either ship them off or call to offer them to you in an effort to move on.

So if it's been a week or two since the breakup and she still hasn't offered you your things back? There's a good chance she's hanging onto them, just as she's hanging onto the idea of getting back together. Your stuff becomes a reason to call you when she's ready, and a vehicle to put you back in her life again. An ex girlfriend who's serious about breaking things off between you wouldn't want your things around.

She Keeps In Contact With Your Friends - An ex girlfriend who's still talking to your friends is doing it for one reason: to keep tabs on you. She's looking for information as to how you are, what you're doing, and potentially, who else you might be with.

There's never a good excuse for your ex girlfriend to still be talking to your friends (or vice versa). No matter how close they got during your relationship, all friendships should end when the romance is over. Anything that lingers on is either your ex checking up on you, or your friends trying to pull some funny stuff on your girl.

Post-Breakup Anger Toward You - Is your ex angry for something you did after the breakup? If so, her true feelings for you are shining through.

Once you're broken up, your activities should become your own. Your girlfriend can't dump you and still expect you to stay single, fly solo, and not move on with your life.

Many times, an ex will get angry because you went somewhere or did something she didn't approve of after the breakup was over. This is completely unfair of course, especially if she's the one who broke off your relationship.

In any case, the fact that she's still watching you at all is a big sign she's not over things yet. Your girlfriend may have expected the breakup to be temporary, which is why making your ex jealous is a good way to speed up the entire process of getting her back.

In the end, there are a LOT more signs your ex will exhibit when she's not ready to be finished with your relationship. Emotional bonds run deep, and your ex will still be in love with you on many different levels, sometimes for a long while.

How To Get Her Back For Good

Check out Get Her Back For Good, if you're looking to know which other signs may indicate that your girlfriend's feelings still run deep.

Dr. George Karanastasis lays everything out for you, including an easy, step-by-step approach to properly contacting, communicating with, and getting your ex to respond in positive ways to you, no matter what kind of breakup you may have experienced.

By learning exactly why your girlfriend broke up with you in the first place, you can know exactly which approach will be most successful in winning her back. The right approach, with proper timing, is everything.

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