Does My Ex Still Love Me

How Do I Know If She Still Loves Me?

Recognizing the signs your ex girlfriend's feelings are still strong

What's the first thing that happened when you girlfriend broke up with you?

No, I'm not talking about what you did. I'm talking about how she reacted.

Was she icy cold? Totally detached? Did she go from being your loving girlfriend one minute to someone completely different - someone you felt you didn't even know anymore - the next?

If so, your girlfriend wasn't replaced by a creepier, bitchier version sometime in the middle of the night. Because although her reactions toward you might seem completely alien and unfamiliar right now, the fact of the matter is that her behavior is pretty typical.

Girlfriend Cold Toward You

You see, right after any breakup happens there's a phase during which your ex will push you away.

It's not because she doesn't love you or still have feelings, it's because your ex girlfriend feels totally uncomfortable and even weirded out by any sort of contact with you.

Right now, she knows you're sad, hurt, upset and unhappy. She gets that. But your ex also knows that your one goal in life is to talk her out of the breakup.

And right now? She doesn't want to hear anything that you have to say. Right now your ex wants to bury her head in the sand and pretend you no longer exist - like an ostrich trying to hide from an unwanted predator.

So... are you a predator? Or will you just act like one?

That's a huge question, and the answer is important. Because there will come a time when your ex does pull her head from the sand to look around for you. And when that happens, you'll need her to see you in the best possible way.

If she sees you as dangerous, unstable, and even stalkerish? Your ex girlfriend is going to run as fast and as far away from you as possible.

Why Your Girlfriend Buried Her True Feelings For You

Breaking up is a decision. Your girlfriend made this decision without you, and it was a tough thing for her to do.

Yet in order to move forward with the breakup, your girlfriend had to do something else: supress her feelings for you. Because if she didn't, she wouldn't be able to stick to the breakup. Her feelings would overwhelm her, causing her to take you back.

So, how did she do it? How was your girlfriend able to rid herself of all emotional ties and attachments to you, so carelessly and callously shedding the bonds of your past relationship?

The answer to that is easy:   SHE HASN'T.

Ex Girlfriend Buries Feelings
Burying her feelings for you
is easier than facing them

Instead of processing her feelings and dealing with them right now, while things are still fresh, your girlfriend did the next best thing: She dug as deep a hole as she possibly could, and tried to bury those feelings in an effort to make them go away as quickly as possible.

Her hope? That yes, eventually she would think about you again. Eventually she would be forced to process those feelings she still has for you right now.

But by the time that happens, your ex hopes that weeks or even months will have passed. The impact will be dulled by all the waiting, ignoring, and suppressing of her existing emotional bonds for you.

How To Get Your Ex To Experience Those Feelings Again

The road to getting your girlfriend back is paved with many obstacles. The biggest one? YOU.

To win her over, you'll need to do two things. The first one is to stay out of her way immediately after the breakup. By leaving her alone while she has her head in the sand, you're setting the stage for the second part.

Because once your ex does lift her head up and start looking around for you? That's when you'll use these reversal techniques to get her interested in you all over again, as a potential boyfriend.

These methods need to be done in a very subtle, non-commital way, so that your ex doesn't even suspect you're doing anything at all. This is why you'll need to know exactly what you're doing, if you want to succeed.

How To Know If She Still Loves You

The signs she cares are always there, if you know where to look

It's hard to get your ex back when all you see is the negative. This is why most people who get dumped look desperately for a sign - any sign at all - that their ex might still be interested in them.

Wishful thinking aside, there will be indications that your girlfriend is thinking about and even missing you after the breakup. Picking out these little signals from the rest of her behavior however, isn't always easy.

The total elimination of contact is one way your ex will shut you out. This is where you need to hang tight, and remember your best first moves that will help get her back.

Beyond that, the following are all signs and signals that your exgirlfriend definitely still cares for you, on one level or another:

Maintaining Contact - An ex girlfriend who wants you to go away will leave you alone. But when she's calling, emailing, or even text-messaging you to say hello? It's a sure sign she's not willing to lose you completely. Your ex is hanging onto a small portion of your relationship as a way of keeping her foot in the door... just in case she eventually wants you back.

She Wants to Be Friends - "Let's be friends" is something a girl will say when she's trying to let you down easy (and blow you off). But when your ex really does want to stay friends after having dumped you? It's generally because she's still got unresolved feelings she's trying to sort out. Learn what to do in this very dangerous situation, or you could end up stuck in a more permanent position of friendship.

Your Girlfriend Wants a 'Break' - Is this how she worded things? Did your ex tell you she wanted to take a break from your relationship, rather than officially breaking up with you? If so, it's because she's wishy-washy. Your ex isn't 100% committed to losing you for good, so she's using the term 'break' in hopes that you'll still wait around for her while she examines her other options.

She Still Asks About You - Did your girlfriend ditch you uncerimoniously, but later on you found out she's been asking about you? An ex who's somewhat interested in your post-breakup life is still harboring certain feelings for you. Either she doesn't want you dating anyone else (jealousy) until she finds a new boyfriend, or she wants to know you're still available if she changes her mind.

Your Ex "Runs Into" You - Unless you work together or go to school together, it's very unlikely you'll bump into your ex girlfriend. So if she shows up out of the clear blue sky and claims it to be an innocent coincidence? Chances are good your ex just couldn't stay away, and therefore staged a little run-in so she could find out first hand how you are, and what you've been up to.

Your Ex Drunk Dials You - Alcohol is the ultimate truth serum. While drunk, your inhibitions are at their absolute lowest, while your honesty levels unknowingly skyrocket to new heights. So if your ex girlfriend calls you while drunk? It's because she misses you. It's because she's thinking about you. And yes, no matter what she tells you the next morning, your ex still has feelings for you that even she isn't ready to face just yet.

So yes, these are the more obvious signs that your ex still loves you, and may even be wanting you back. Be sure and check here for a complete list of the more subtle, hard to find signals that she's still interested.

What To Do When Your Ex Sends You Mixed Signals

If your girlfriend is responding to you at times, and then detaching herself at other times? If so, it could be a sign of a few different things.

Mixed Signals
Tired of this shit?   We all are.
Find out how to break out of this pattern

This kind of 'hot and cold' treatment is one of the most frustrating parts of winning her back. Every time you take a significant step forward, your ex runs away. But every time you yourself pull back? She smiles sweetly and suddenly comes on stronger than ever.

Your girlfriend is uncertain. She doesn't know what the hell she wants, so her needs are dependent upon her current mood.

This type of tango will go on forever unless you're willing to do something about it. Sitting back and hoping the problem will resolve itself will only make things worse, and your girlfriend will eventually lose interest (if she hasn't already).

In some cases, the hot/cold behavior can be associated with the fact that your girlfriend has already found somebody else. She may already have a new boyfriend, and is trying to hide him from you. If you think this might be the case, you'll need to act quickly in order to save the relationship.

In any case, the best starting point for those unsure of what to do? Check out these alpha behaviors that can help get your girlfriend back.

It's proven and effective: girls are attracted to men who DON'T chase them, but who know exactly which buttons to push to get women to chase them.

It all depends upon which side of that equation you'd like to be on.

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