Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

What Can I Do To Make My Ex Miss Me?

Getting into her head will get you back into her heart

It's not enough that you want your girlfriend back. It's not enough that you love her, pine for her, and would throw yourself in front of a train for her.

What really matters is how your ex feels about YOU. And right now, things probably aren't so hot in that department.

In an ideal world, people who love each other would automatically get back together. This happens all the time in the movies, as if there's some unseen magnetic force acting upon these two people that will always drive them together no matter what they do.

Right now, you're nostalgic. You're sifting through old photos. You're convincing yourself that you were made to be a couple, and that destiny brought you together.

Kissing In The Rain?  Yeah right.
Kissing in the rain? C'mon, that's movie shit

You're doing these things because you believe in them, and you believe in them because you've watched too many people magically make up this way in movies and on television.

You've seen one too many scenes in which people are spinning each other around a deserted beach, or stand there getting drenched while kissing in the rain.

Think your girlfriend is going to kiss you in the rain? Hell no. That's movie shit. Right now your ex isn't looking to be romanced, or actively chased by you at all.

She doesn't want flowers or love notes. She certainly doesn't want you showing up to surprise her with reminders of your past relationship, because she's trying to put that relationship aside in order to move forward without you. Right now, unfortunately, your ex just wants to be left alone.

Once again: in the movies this stuff all works itself out on it's own. But in the real world? Not so much.

Realistically, you can't sit back and wait for the magic to happen. You can't cross your fingers and hope or pray that your ex somehow comes to her senses, realizes that she still loves you, and comes tearfully flying back into your arms while the rain falls down all around you.

To reverse your breakup, you have to be PROACTIVE.

To get her back, you must make your girlfriend want you again.

Yet before that any of that can happen, something much more important must take place: you need to make your ex miss you.

Making Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

Avoiding mistakes that will push her in the opposite direction

In working toward getting back with your ex, some of the things you do aren't really things at all. In other words, you can sometimes act by NOT taking any action... and this is something most guys fail to realize.

As a man, you're used to taking action. You're accustomed to reacting or doing something in the face of adversity, and you'll rush to commit yourself to rectifying a problem when things go wrong.

When it came to your unwanted breakup, you probably dove headlong into 'fixing' the situation. The only problem? You didn't really know how.

So you called, you texted, you emailed... you did everything you could to convince your ex that she should want you back, but in the process, you didn't realize you were doing exactly the opposite of what you really should've been doing the whole time.

And basically, this is why you're here. This is why you're reading this page right now, instead of watching a movie with your arm around your girlfriend.

Pushing Your Ex Girlfriend
You never want to push your ex too hard...
especially with this bad of a haircut

Simply telling your ex that you want her back isn't going to get her. Showing her (through flowers, cards, heartfelt love notes, etc...) is an even worse approach.

To make your girlfriend miss you, you have to drop completely out of her life.

You need to disappear from every aspect of her existence, and you need to do it as quickly as possible.

Yet too many times, you'll feel tempted to call your ex. You'll leave messages asking if she's "doing alright", and you'll send what you think to be a bunch of innocent little text-messages geared toward "saying hello" or ones that are "just checking up on her".

What's really happening her, is that you're doing all these things for yourself. It's selfish and your girlfriend knows it. You're not at all concerned with how your ex is doing, and this is the big problem.

You CAN'T tell your ex that you're thinking about her, or that you've been considering her at all. These things will make her uncomfortable, and in a very short time she'll be avoiding any kind of contact with you at all.

While you're chasing her, your ex will NEVER miss you. She'll never want you back, because she already has too much of you.

How To Get Her To Miss You

Learn the best ways to get your ex thinking about you again

By far, the best way to make your ex miss you is to GO AWAY. It's simple, it's to the point, yet at the same time it's often really hard for some guys to do.

When you stop chasing after your girlfriend, she'll notice right away. And once you're no longer willing to talk to your ex, she'll feel the natural curious urge to know why.

Emailing Your Ex Girlfriend
Want your ex to miss you?
Don't go emailing or Facebooking her

Cutting ALL contact is crucial. Emailing, texting, social networking... these are all forms of direct contact, whether you choose to believe it or not.

If it helps, delete your ex's information from every aspect of your own life. Take her name and number out of your phone, and her email off your contact list. Sure, you could still get in touch with her if you really wanted to, but this will help reduce the temptation.

When it comes to Facebook or MySpace, things get a little more tricky. Check out this quick video that explains why you don't want to delete your ex as a Facebook friend or contact, as this could give her all the wrong types of signals.

Understand something: your ex is still keeping tabs on you after the breakup. This goes beyond simple female curiosity, it also has to do with ego, security, and justification.

She might not be interested in getting back together - not yet, anyway - but she's going to need to see what happens to you after she dumps you. By letting you go your ex just cut away a huge portion of her life. Outwardly, she'll push you away. Inwardly, she needs to know whether or not it was worth it.

Other Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Miss You

Besides pulling away, there are a tremendous number of other things you can do that will speed up the process of getting her to miss you. Some of these are easy and some require a little more effort, but all of them can be effective in reminding her of how awesome your past relationship was, and more importantly, still could be.

Don't try anything until you've read these 4 fail-proof tactics literally guaranteed to get your ex to respond to you again.

Remember: you can't get her back until SHE WANTS the reconciliation. The link above contains a whole world of information on how to accomplish just that. By making your ex feel the same vibes she felt when you first started dating each other, you're only a few steps away from getting your girlfriend to reach out toward and begin contacting YOU.

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