Making Your Ex Girlfriend Love You

Step 4: Bringing Back That Original Magic

Remember how awesome and indestructible things used to be?

Learn how to bring your ex back to that honeymoon stage

Every relationship on the planet has the same basic thing in common: an absolutely amazing beginning.

When you and your girlfriend first met you both fell hard. There were tons of cool places, great times, electrifying sex... it was a month-long carnival where you got to go on all the rides.

The origins of any budding romance is always puppy dogs and ice-cream. Exploring these new things as a couple leaves lasting impressions and unforgettable memories, emblazoned permanently on the minds of both you and your ex girlfriend.

Bringing Your Girlfriend Back
The beginning... it rocked, didn't it?

Bringing your ex back to this time is a crucial part of making her want you all over again.

By recreating the original sparks your girlfriend first felt for you, you can re-establish one of the most basic and primal connections of your past relationship together.

By reminding your ex of how great it was, you're also able to conjure up images of how great it can still be.

The good news is that there are simple emotional reconnection techniques you can use on your ex girlfriend, without her even knowing you did anything. These can establish an instant connection, even if you've been apart for a while and haven't been in contact with her.

Yet before you get started on those methods, you need to lay some additional groundwork. Because on your end, there are a whole bunch of things you can do to accelerate the process of getting back together by making your ex girlfriend fall back in love with you.

Restoring yourself to the man your ex loved...
by kicking your ass right back into shape

Okay, so you remember what the beginning of your relationship was like as a loving couple. But do you remember how you were?

Do you remember how you talked to your ex girlfriend? How you acted around her? All the forgotten little things you did for her, and the basic way you treated her as a person?

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, and over time it's easy to slack off. Chances are that the way you handled your ex in the beginning of the relationship was a lot different than how you were handling her toward the end, when she finally broke up with you.

Emotionally, you were closer. Mentally, you were a lot more forgiving. The little things that bother you now weren't so important when you first met your girlfriend, and you were probably a lot more tolerant overall.

And physically, what did you look like? What did you smell like? How did you outwardly present yourself, and what kind of projection did you put forth?

All of these things matter to your ex girlfriend.
These are the things missing from your current relationship.

Knowing all this, it's time to concentrate on the things you CAN change.

Going no-contact with your ex doesn't mean sitting there with your thumb up your ass. There's a whole laundry list of positive adjustments you can make that will better your position, and improve your chances for a successful reunion when you do finally meet up with your ex girlfriend.

Clearing Your Head

Above everything else, a clear mind is the most important attribute when it comes to winning someone back. You won't ever get your girlfriend to love you the way she used to unless you've got a clear mind and a level-headed approach to any future contact.

Get over your ex
Spending some time alone is good.
Obsessing over your ex, is not.

Yes, it's hard to get past a breakup. Your mind will play all sorts of games with you, and you'll want to think about your ex girlfriend constantly.

At the same time however, this is dangerous and counterproductive. You need to avoid obsessing over your breakup, and you need to keep strong.

Getting outside is always a good idea. Being around friends is another. The more distractions and activities you can fill your life with, the easier it will be to get your mind off the breakup.

A clear head leads to good decision-making. When you're thinking straight you'll make less mistakes. In the end, this will make getting back together with your ex a whole lot easier.

Working on Your Physical Appearance

Want your ex girlfriend to love you again? Make sure you look the part. Your physical appearance was probably very important to you when you first hooked up with your girlfriend, and you can bet your ass it was important to her. It only stands to reason that getting her back will require you looking and feeling your absolute best.

Working out to get your ex back
DO go to the gym, work out, and get fit.
DON'T wear a purple shirt
and sky blue wristbands.

If you've let yourself go at all since you started dating, now's the time to shape up. Exercise is awesome for a breakup. It will make you look better, feel better, and all that exertion will release endorphins necessary to clear our your head and keep you from thinking about the breakup for a while.

So yes, hit the gym. Work out. Lift weights. Tone up.

Can't afford the gym? Run. Get outside, and start sweating. You'll feel better, look better, and get tan - all for free.

Remember: You're not looking to transform yourself into a ripped meathead (unless your girlfriend fell in love with you as a ripped meathead), but you are looking to improve yourself in both body and mind. When you look good and feel good, you're going to be in a much better place mentally.

And when you're just starting to look your best? Hit the store, and buy some sharp new clothes. The more of a fresh new start you can give yourself, the better off you'll be. Your goal is easy: The next time your ex girlfriend sees you, you want to knock her socks off.

In the end, it all comes down to simple logic:

You CAN'T get your ex back by giving her something she already threw away.


You CAN get her back by giving her something better than she had before... and by bringing back the guy you were when she first fell in love with you.

Creating value for yourself in your ex girlfriend's eyes:

Renewing her interest by becoming THAT guy

Ultimately, there's one thing that's going to really make your ex girlfriend want you again: her watching you enjoying and living your life.

Your ex won't be too interested if your entire post-breakup existance consists of boring, dull, 'waiting around for her' type stuff. But once your ex sees you active? Driven? Out there doing new things with new people and having all kinds of fun without her? That's when the all-important message starts flashing through her head: Maybe I'm missing out.

Winning your girlfriend back
Having a good time: Always attractive

Remember, your girlfriend was initially attracted to you because you were fun. You had fun friends. You smiled, you laughed, you went out and you did cool stuff.

Your girlfriend dated you because she wanted a piece of that fun. She saw the good times you were having, and she envisioned doing all those things with you. When she became a part of your life, those things became a part of her life too.

Again, charisma is contageous. It rubs off on everyone around you. Put yourself in the middle of fun, and fun things will always happen to you. Immerse yourself in having a good time, and people will naturally gravitate toward being around you.

In short, the more you have your shit together, the more attractive your ex girlfriend wil find you. This was true back then, and it's even more true now. To get her back, you need to be active and outgoing. You need to continue living your life, instead of putting it on pause.

Do all of these things, and you will very quickly make your ex jealous. She'll be jealous of the fun she could be having, if she hadn't already made the mistake of breaking up with you.

Beyond this, there are even more techniques you can use to get your ex girlfriend instantly attracted to you again. Some of these methods work very quickly, and many of them you can start using right away.

Getting your ex girlfriend to fall totally back in love with you;

Making her feel those original sparks of attraction

Fixing your breakup can require many steps, but none of them are more important than making your ex fall for you again. Because unless your girlfriend actually feels for you the same way she used to, any reconciliation you manage together is only going to be temporary.

Make Your Ex Girlfriend Love You
Restoring your ex's original feelings;
a critical part of getting her back

This is why so many couples break up, get back together, and then break up again soon afterward. It's not so much that they didn't work out their problems, it's more that they never renewed the original attraction they once had for each other.

Right now, your attraction for your ex is already pretty solid. Your girlfriend's current level of attraction and desire for you however, is not.

For this reason, you first need to change the way she sees you now. And the best way to manipulate her present view of the relationship is by playing upon your ex's psychological need to still have you in her life.

Not sure how to do that? Check out this Free Audio Advice on how you can not only CONTROL the way your ex feels about you, but actually turn her current opinion of you and your relationship completely around.

In just 3 minutes you can change the entire outcome of your breakup... and possibly, your entire future.

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