Counter-Rejecting Your Ex

Step 2: Making Your Ex Want You Back

You can't get her back until she WANTS you back:

Learning the fastest ways to renew her attraction

When your ex first broke up with you, what did you do? Did you lay down and take it, or did you go out fighting like a champ?

Well if you're like most guys, I already know what you did. You fought verbally against the breakup, coming up with a dozen or so reasons why the two of you should stay together. You argued to keep the relationship alive, and then presented a lawyer-like case for continuing the romance.

When these tactics didn't work, you probably started bringing up the past. You reminded your ex of all the good times you shared together, and begged her not to throw everything away.

In the end though, she still broke up with you. And the reason she was able to do this is because your girlfriend was prepared for your response. Like a seasoned chessmaster with long flowing hair, your ex was three steps ahead of you. She already knew what you would do and say, and she had her counter-arguments all set and ready to go.

Getting Over Your Breakup

Emotionally, she had an even bigger advantage. Because even as the pain of potentially losing your girlfriend finally began to sink in for you, your ex showed very little remorse at all.

This is because your girlfriend broke up with you days or even weeks ago. In her own mind, you were already gone. This is why it was so easy for her to let go, and why she seemed so cold and clinical about ending the relationship.

So she announced the breakup, and you INSTANTLY reacted. You went into immediate panic mode, and you fought the breakup with everything you had. You convinced yourself that you NEEDED her back, and that keeping your girlfriend was more important than anything else in the world. And the one huge reason why you did all this was:

Because Your Girlfriend Rejected You.

Stop and read that last statement again. Think about it for a minute.

Do you want her back because she's the most awesome girl in the universe? Or do you want her back because it's a natural response to being rejected?

In most cases, it's the latter.

Yeah sure, your girlfriend is cool and you'd probably enjoy continuing to date her. But up until that moment she broke up with you, you were taking her for granted. Up until the second you realized you were going to lose her completely, you weren't half as concerned about how awesome she is.

We want something most when we stand to lose it. Picture a kid who owns a toy he hasn't played with in months. For weeks he hasn't thought anything about it. But the second he sees his brother playing with that toy, he suddenly wants it again.

So is your girlfriend a toy you haven't played with in months? Hopefully not (or you have much bigger problems). That said, chances are good you neglected certain aspects of your relationship. This led to you being blindsided by the breakup. And the minute your girlfriend was suddenly out of reach, that's the same minute it became important to you that you get her back... and FAST.

Counter Rejection: How to make her instantly want you again

So if getting rejected had such an immediate affect on you, what kind of effect would it have on your ex girlfriend?

What if you could make her feel the same kind of rejection you're feeling now, seizing back some of the power you lost when she broke up with you?

Not only is this possible, it's actually EASY. And as luck would have it, it's a very necessary part of winning your girlfriend's respect and attention back.

Rejecting Your Ex To Get Her Back
Counter-Rejection. Because nothing's quite as effective as a
steaming hot plate of total dismissal.

Counter-rejecting your girlfriend is the first major step you'll take on the path to getting her back. While it defies normal logic and seems almost counter-productive to fixing your breakup, keep in mind that women themselves defy logic every single damned day.

So how do you do this? Simple. You turn to your girlfriend and say:

"Know what? You're absolutely right. Something's wrong,
and it's been wrong for a while now. I haven't been happy
with this either, so let's both go our separate ways."

This is NOT what your girlfriend expects. More importantly, it's not what she wants. Instead of bowing your head and accepting responsibility for the failure of the relationship like a good little boy, you've actually placed some of the blame on her shoulders... and in the slickest and most indirect of ways.

Moreover, you're stolen her fire. You've taken all the impact out of the breakup by agreeing with her at the exact moment she expects a fight. Instead of pulling out all her fancy counters and reasoning, your girlfriend is left slack-jawed and speechless. You've just aligned yourself with the breakup and given her nothing to fight you over whatsoever.

Best of all, you just rejected her. By not just accepting but actually agreeing with the breakup, you've pointed out things that YOU found wrong. This immediately puts her in a weaker position, and she'll feel almost as if she needs to defend herself. Your girlfriend will also go out of her brain wondering what it is that you've been so unhappy about, and for how long you've felt that way.

And if the breakup already happened?   NO PROBLEM.

Because while it would've been totally rock-star of you to pull those words out of your hat during the breakup speech, odds are pretty good if you're reading this that you've missed that chance already.

In this case, you can get the same results with a slightly different approach. Check out this one fast reversal trick that will help put you in exactly the same position, even if your breakup happened weeks or months ago.

Making your ex girlfriend realize that SHE stands to lose YOU

In her own mind, your ex's biggest advantage during the breakup is that she can call it off at any time. This gives her the feeling of unlimited control. She's the one ending things, and you're the one who wants to keep things going.

While safe in the knowledge that she can get you back whenever she wants, your ex will happily continue the break. The more you tell her you love her, the longer she can go. Continuing to chase your ex is like giving her a license to be single, date other guys, and see if something else works out for her... all while you sit around waiting and hoping that maybe she'll come back.

Get Your Girlfriend Back

This is why counter-rejection always works. Suddenly, you're no longer waiting around. In an instant, your ex goes from totally confident to completely unsure about things.

Shaking your girl's confidence is a key part of reversing your roles. By mutually breaking up with her, you're sending her the message that you won't be around much longer.

This is what will rattle your ex. This is what will force her, for the very first time, to actually consider being alone. She now has to consider the breakup with an added measure of unwanted finality.

Without the assurance that she can always get you back, the breakup will lose a lot of appeal to your ex. Before, losing you was her choice... and it was reversable. Now however, your ex girlfriend has to be scared of actually losing you for good.

Your ex will also have to deal with something else: YOUR perceived inadequacy of the relationship. When she was unhappy, that was all totally fine. But once she thinks you're unhappy? Your girlfriend will have a definite need to know why. All of a sudden, the failure of the relationship might be partially her fault. This causes her to question whether or not you really needed her as much as she thought you did, and simultaneously make her re-evaluate her need for YOU.

Also understand that although she broke up with you, your ex still has feelings for you that she intended on letting go gradually. By forcing her to let go all at once, she's in much the same boat as you are. That warm cushy feeling of knowing you were still there if she wanted you? GONE. Your ex must now face the breakup alone, without the support of knowing that you're still hanging around in case she wants you back.

Other reversal techniques that will turn things quickly around

In addition to counter-rejection, there are a variety of other methods you can use to swing the balance of power back in your favor. Some of the more popular techniques involve using psychological triggers to help change the way your ex girlfriend looks at you after the breakup. And depending upon your situation, these can be very effective.

By far though, the master of post breakup role-reversal is a man by the name of Robert Parsons. Several years back he wrote a complete guide to fixing an unwanted breakup, all by using the same types of counter-techniques mentioned above.

Breakup Reversed

Breakup Reversed is a complete, instantly downloadable system geared toward helping even the most disconnected and desperate of all breakup situations.

It teaches instant reversal tactics that can be implemented during any phase of the reconciliation process, whether you've already started talking to your ex girlfriend again or you haven't heard from her at all since she dumped you.

The system goes over all the major mistakes that can cause your breakup to be made permanent, as well as what you can do to fix things if you've already made some of those mistakes.

You should also check out some of the many testimonials from couples who've gotten back together using the Breakup Reversed system, as well as the stories on exactly what put those relationships back together again.

Okay, by now you should understand the process of counter-rejecting your ex girlfriend, and why it's so important. Next stop:

Step 3: How To Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy

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