Ex Girlfriend Won't Answer Phone Calls

What If My Ex Won't Answer My Calls?

Breaking the barriers of contact by getting your ex to call YOU

It's not enough that I simply tell you to stop chasing after your ex girlfriend. Because in order to really let her go (for now anyway), you'll need to understand some basic relationship dynamics.

Your relationship as it stands right now, or stood when your girlfriend broke up with you, is radically different than it was a few weeks or months ago. The power has shifted in your ex's favor, and right now she's holding all the cards.

Worst of all, your girlfriend knows it. She's recognized that the balance of power has finally swung in her favor, enabling her to start getting what she wants. And somehow, for reasons you'll need to deal with a little later on, she's decided she wants to break up with you.

Now the common misconception here is that your ex doesn't love you anymore, and this is simply not the case. What's happened here is that your girlfriend is flexing her muscles... she's testing the boundaries right now, both of your past relationship and of her future needs.

Like I said, the power has shifted. Whereas once your ex worked to chase, impress, and even seduce you, the exact opposite scenario now exists.

Begging For Your Ex Back
Begging and pleading to get your ex back;
How's that working out for you?

Your ex girlfriend is enjoying the attention and power given to her by you right now. She's eating it up. She's reveling in it. And as you sit there, struggling to reverse your breakup and make everything okay, she's enjoying watching you throw yourself at her feet. It makes her feel important, powerful, and even superior.

And that superiority? It's very, very dangerous. As your ex starts thinking she's better than you, she starts looking elsewhere for fulfillment. This is where your girlfriend begins looking for a guy who's better than you, because she now thinks and knows she deseves better.

And because you keep chasing her, calling her, texting her, and practically begging for her back... your ex is rapidly losing respect for you. You're chipping away giant chunks of that respect with each little thing you do, until eventually nothing will be left at all.

This, unfortunately, is when your girlfriend won't want you anymore. This is where it's finally over, because regaining that respect is nearly impossible... at least until you learn instant reversal methods that can help shift the balance of power back in your favor, before it's too late.

Why Won't She Return My Phone Calls or Text Messages?

There's a very simple principal you need to learn here, and it will help you understand your current scenario.

As a race, we humans tend to take everything we have for granted. Whatever you own, whatever you have... there was a point in your life when you wanted each of those things very badly.

So, one by one, you went out and got those things. Some things you bought, some things you traded for, some things you even chased down and caught. The point here is that once you actually obtained those things? You didn't want them half as much as you did when you didn't have them.

The same thing goes for relationships. When you first wanted your girlfriend, you did lots of things to win her over. You wined her, dined her, wooed and impressed her. You took her special places and did cool things. You romanced your girlfriend's socks off, and eventually you got her.

Be the minute you stopped courting your girlfriend and started actually dating her? The chase was over. And the thrill of the chase went right along with it.

Although you didn't know it, this is where the slow, gradual descent into taking her for granted actually began. Toward the end of your relationship you may have still loved your girlfriend, but you were showing only a fraction of the interest you had when you were still trying to 'get' her.

Got all that? Good. Because let's fast-forward to today.

Right now, at this exact moment, you want your ex all over again. You're dying to get her back, and you'll do anything to obtain her.

This is exactly why you can't get your girlfriend back.

Don't Call Your Ex Girlfriend

All the attention... all the phone calls, emails, text-messages...

All the begging and pleading...

All the love notes, sappy cards, flowers, and drive-bys...

All of these things are keeping you from getting your ex back.

You're providing her with everything she needs to keep the breakup going. She has all the attention she's ever wanted or dreamed of from you.

The only problem?

Right now she doesn't want it. Right now your ex girlfriend is looking to be left alone, and this is why she won't return your phone calls. This is why she's ignoring your text-messages, or sending you straight to voicemail when you do try to get in touch with her.

Switching The Balance of Power

Turning the tables, and regaining control over your relationship

Okay, so now know that your ex girlfriend has all the control. The question then becomes: what the hell can you do about it?

Getting your ex to want you again is your first and foremost priority, but that can't happen until you've seized back most of the power you lost when she initially broke up with you.

You need to take back control of everything, starting with your own life, and ultimately, moving on to the relationship between you and your girlfriend.

Regaining control over yourself might sound easy, but in reality it could take some serious self-discipline. You need to stop the downward spiral of hopelessless and despair, and put an end to all those overwhelming and obsessive thoughts of being alone.

Getting Your Girlfriend Back
The assault on breaking through
your ex's defenses begins with YOU.

Potentially losing your girlfriend for good can result in some serious mindfuckery, and you'll need a level head and clear thinking before you even start to work on getting her back.

Exercise is cathartic. It's an outlet for stress and provides the building blocks of inner strength. Be sure to include it in your post-breakup regimen, or you'll backslide quickly into a hopless shut-in.

Try to visualize your breakup as a speed-bump; a temporary hiccup in your long-term relationship that you're going to work through.

Don't just tell yourself these things. Believe them. It's important that you're convinced here, as if getting your girlfriend back is already a foregone conclusion.

Beliving in the reconciliation will stop you from obsessive behaviors. It gives you confidence and security, and the outward effect will positively change the way people - including your ex - will look at you.

Adjusting Your Attitude Toward The Breakup

The next thing you need to do is change the WHOLE WAY you've been looking at your breakup so far.

Instead of seeing your relationship as something so precious you'd do anything not to lose it, you need to visualize it as something already gone - but also, as something you really couldn't care less about.

Read the statement below and give it a few seconds to sink in:

The person who cares least is the one who has all the power and control.

To get her back, YOU need to become that person. Right now your ex girlfriend is that person, and that's why she's in such a position of power.

While your girlfriend is convinced you can't live without her, she has little desire to keep you in her life. But once you've proven that you not only can but actually will leave her in the dust? That's when the situation will turn around.

That's when she'll start reconsidering things, including whether or not she's actually prepared to lose you. This is the first major step to changing your ex girlfriend's mind about the breakup.

Looking to reverse the roles, and seize back some of that power? Right now, before everything else, you'll need to learn the alpha approach to getting your ex back. Anything less is going to quickly lose her interest.

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