Ex Girlfriend Ignores You

What If My Ex Girlfriend Is Ignoring Me?

Learning the subtle art of putting yourself back in your ex's head

When your girlfriend first breaks up with you, things can change very radically.

Someone you loved and talked to on a daily basis is suddenly now off limits. Calling, texting, or contacting your ex in any way is considered taboo, especially if she made it clear to you that she's looking to move on.

This can be a pretty big shock to you, and some guys just can't handle it. To have someone you loved so deeply begin instantly ignoring you as if you were no longer there... it's the weirdest and most unnatural part of ending a relationship.

To get your ex back, you'll obviously need to contact her. You'll want to do it sooner rather than later, but for obvious reasons that's not such a great idea. You'll definitely need to leave her alone for a while, if you want any chance at a positive response from your ex.

And so time goes on... and your ex hasn't called. She hasn't emailed. She hasn't text-messaged you, or even talked about you to friends or family.

Ex Won't Talk To You

In a big way, it's almost like she's dead to you. The end of your relationship takes on a near funeral-like quality, because someone you loved, kissed, and touched, and talked to on a daily basis is now completely, utterly, and totally out of your reach.

One of the biggest problems you'll face after breaking up is trying to get a foothold back in your ex girlfriend's life. But how do you accomplish that if your girlfriend is ignoring you?

What can you do to get back her attention, and make your ex look at you as a potential boyfriend again?

Reasons Why Your Ex Girlfriend Isn't Responding To You

But hey, hang on a second.

What if I told you your ex girlfriend really is paying attention to you?

What if she were a LOT more interested in you than you even realize, and has been paying even closer attention to you now - since the breakup - than she was while you were still going out together?

The truth of the matter is that SHE IS.

Your ex girlfriend hasn't walked away without a care in the world, and she hasn't ditched you without a second thought. Because you know what?
It only seems that way.

Fact is, your girlfriend will spend a lot of time closely examining every aspect of your breakup. She'll want to know what you did, how you reacted, and how upset you seemed to get over it.

She'll also want to know if you were able to carry on normally, or whether you crumpled into the fetal position and began crying to get her back. Everything you do will interest her, because how you handle the breakup is a big part of how your ex can justify her decision.

Remember: your ex might've broken up with you, but it was a very big decision for her. She wants to know she made the right one, which is why she'll still be interested in what you're doing even after the breakup.

Harassing Your Ex Girlfriend
If she wasn't ignoring you then?
She's definitely ignoring you now

If you cry, beg, plead, or chase after her? She knows she made the right move. Only a loser would do those things, and your ex doesn't want to be dating a loser.

Calling your ex, demanding to see her, saying that you have 'something important to tell her'... all of these actions push you further and further down the scale of datability. You can quickly and inadvertantly eliminate yourself from your girlfriend's future dating pool.

Throwing yourself at your girlfriend's mercy after she breaks up with you is always a terrible idea. It takes only a minute for her to lose every last ounce of respect she ever had for you.

And once gone? That respect is almost impossible to get back. You're behind in the count, down on the scoreboard, and working from a really bad spot.

Keep it up, and your ex also makes a pretty forgone conclusion: there's no reason to date some guy who needs me more than I actually need him.

What To Do If Your Ex Is Ignoring You

Best moves for turning her attention back to you

Okay, so it seems like your ex girlfriend is igoring you. Now what?

Well for one, you can't call her. You can't text your ex, send her emails, leave messages for her... ironically, you should actually be trying to ignore HER even more than she's ignoring you.

Look at it this way: the less you give her the more she'll need.

This goes especially for Facebook contact, because your ex girlfriend is going to use Facebook to try and track your every move.

Ex Girlfriend Facebooking You
If you allow her to, your ex girlfriend will
track you like a seasoned bloodhound

Social networks like Facebook and MySpace are notorious for giving out too much information. With one quick glance your ex can tell just about everything, from what you ate for breakfast this morning to what time you went to bed last night.

Remember, your ex is keeping tabs on you. She's looking to valiate the breakup. She's also curious as hell, for one simple yet simultaneously complex reason:

She still has feelings for you.

Adding these things up, your ex will track you though friends, family, and social network updates on the computer. Why? Because she still cares. Because it's easy, and because she's been doing it the whole time you've been going out together. Why stop now?

So... how do you get her attention? By NOT giving her this information.

You can get your ex interested in you again by denying her the information she's relied upon, day in and day out, to determine exactly what you've been doing.

Does this mean you should un-friend your ex girlfriend on Facebook? Not at all. In fact, you should check out this cool video for a TON of ways you can use Facebook to your own advantage, to make your ex jealous, and to get her immediately interested in wanting you back.

Using Jealousy To Get Your Ex Girlriend's Attention

Still think your ex doesn't care what you do after the breakup? Try making her jealous, and see how fast the sparks fly.

Jealousy is an immediate way to recapture the attention of an ex girlfriend who's ignoring you. In fact it's so fast-working and incredibly powerful, you have to be very careful with how you use it.

Again, your ex doesn't want to see you successful without her. She'd rather see you miserable and failing, which would justify her breaking up with you in the first place.

This is why it's always best to let your ex see you happy. When she looks back to see how you're doing, you want your ex girlfriend to see someone who's content, thriving, and completely comfortable being single again.

Jealousy can go a long way with just a very little bit. But if you really want attention? Try letting your ex see you with someone else.

Dating To Make Your Ex Jealous
Your arm around someone else:
Your ex girlfriend's worst nightmare

Now I'm not saying run right off and start dating again, mere hours after the breakup. You need to be respectful, and of course you need to have some class.

The more maturely you handle things, the more your ex will respect you for it, and ultimately, the easier it will be to get her to want you back.

At the same time, there's nothing wrong with taking some other girl out. NOTHING works quicker at getting your ex girlfriend's attention than her finding out you've started dating again... especially if she herself has not.

Truthfully, there should be nothing stopping you from having a good time. Don't sweat your ex's opinion, and don't worry about her being 'mad' at you for it. Diving right back into the dating pool is actually a very attractive thing. Because when it's obvious that other girls want you, your ex will want you all the more.

In the end, there are many solutions to when an ex girlfriend is not responding to you. There are some very slick ways of changing your girlfriend's mind, if you're willing to learn how to use them.

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