Get Your Ex Back

Getting Her To Feel Those Original Sparks

Remember how she used to love you? Bring that magic back.

How incredible was the beginning of your relationship?

How hard did your ex fall crazy in love with you?

How much time did you spend with each other, hand in hand, face to face, waking, sleeping, and breathing each other while having week after week of mindblowing sex?

Yeah, those were the good old days.

Every romance starts the same way. The beginning isn't just good, it's absolutely fantastic. When you met your girlfriend there was a whirlwind of new emotions and intense feelings on both sides. Each of you was magnetically drawn to the other, making you virtually inseparable for a very long while.

Honeymoon Stage
The honeymoon phase...
where you could do no wrong.

This was your honeymoon phase, and it goes down pretty much the same way for every new relationship.

During your honeymoon you can do no wrong; your girlfriend is too infatuated to see any of your flaws or imperfections. All she cares about is being near you, being with you, and soaking up as much of you as she possibly can.

The honeymoons stage rocks. It's a magical, almost spiritual time that you always wish could go on forever. At the time, it even feels like it could.

The problem of course, is that like all good things it eventually has to come to an end. You can only honeymoon for so long, before the magic finally wears off.

The Circumstances Surrounding The End of Your Relationship

Okay, let's snap back to reality for a minute.

The end of your relationship was probably nothing like the honeymoon phase. In fact, it might even have been the polar opposite.

Instead of smiling, laughing, and having fun, you and your girlfriend probably fought a lot. There was tension, unease, and maybe even a little bit of resentment between you and your ex.

Gone was the excitement and shiny glow of your new relationship... replaced by the routine, run-of-the-mill, daily grind. You took each other for granted, and like most relationships that have gone on for a while, were probably even bored at times.

Okay, enough rehashing. The important thing to understand here is this:

All of these things made it easier for your girlfriend to finally let you go.

The culmination of many different issues may have caused your breakup, but your girlfriend wouldn't have broken up with you at all if not for one important thing: the magic had finally worn off.

For your girlfriend, the relationship wasn't something worth working on anymore. At that point, it was disposable - something to be thrown away in lieu of finding something new.

To get her back, you'll need to show her that the relationship is worth saving.

You'll need to demonstrate value, and get your exgirlfriend to see your romance as something special right now, as opposed to something that used to be important.

Re-living the Beginning of Your Relationship All Over Again

You'll never have another honeymoon phase to your existing relationship. Let's put that right out in the open, right now.

Fortunately however, there are ways of making her feel the same excitement, and the same kind of magic, that your ex girlfriend felt when going out with you for the first time.

The key is to play upon her existing emotional bonds for you.

These are the underlying feelings and emotions that your girlfriend tucked away when she broke up with you. They include all the great memories you had, the fun holidays, the trips you took, the insane sex, and the time spent together with friends and family.

Get Ex To Love You Again
You CAN get her to love you the way she used to

Right now, your ex is doing her best to put foward the coldest, most care-free front possible. She's showing you her stoic side, in an effort to keep you a fairly good distance away from her heart.

Yet as uncaring as she seems right now, your girlfriend is still figthing an inner battle... especially if the breakup is still somewhat fresh. She's trying her best to ignore you or push you away because she's afraid of giving in to those feelings and emotions that still keep her attached.

Pushing or forcing her isn't going to break down that wall. As stated in the 6-Step Process, you need to avoid chasing or trying to manipulate your ex's thought process in the days and weeks following your breakup.

With that said, there ARE ways of getting her to think about you, and your relationship, the way things were in the beginning rather than the way they were toward the very end, or even now.

Bringing You Both Back To The Beginning

It's not enough to just say things will be like 'they were before'.

It's certainly not enough to promise your ex girlfriend. She's not going to believe you, and even if she did, it's not exactly a promise you can deliver on.

No, to fix your breakup - and really bring her back - you'll need to recreate the circumstances of both the relationship and of yourself.

Think about that for a minute. How much have you changed since you started dating your ex? And not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well?

How different were you personality-wise, from the day you asked her out for the first time? Were you more confident? More charismatic? Were you funnier and a lot more laid back than you are now?

We all change over time. And unfortunately, it's not always for the better.

Fixing Your Breakup
Are you now an asshole?
Would anyone tell you if you were?

Even worse, we don't often look at ourselves from an honest, objective standpoint. We see only what we want to see, or what our egos allow us to see when we look at ourselves.

On top of that, such change usually occurs very gradually, over time.

In the span of a few months or years, you could go from a pretty cool guy to an uptight asshole, without even knowing or realizing it.

You attitude toward life, relationships, your girlfriend, and even yourself - all of these things can change you outwardly, while inwardly you maintain that everything is status quo.

So now close your eyes, and try to picture the beginning of your relationship as it was when you first met your ex. Were you a whole lot nicer to her? Were you more tolerant of her shortcomings? Did you let the little things roll off you as if they didn't matter, because in the end, they really don't matter in the grand scheme of things?

Did you look better? Dress better? Take your girlfriend out a lot more, and do cooler things together?

It's not uncommon to end up taking your girlfriend for granted. At one time or another, we all do it. But to get her back, you'll need to not only regain her attention, but actually convince your ex girlfriend that something will change. Because trying to get your ex back without really changing anything about your relationship's situation is pretty pointless.

Remember: you're not changing yourself into something you're not, in order to get your ex girlfriend back. That would be wrong.

Instead, you're actually changing yourself into something you once were. Huge difference.

Making Your Exgirlfriend Feel The Same Way She Used To

Aside from adjusting yourself, there are also some things you can do to adjust the way your ex girlfriend currently sees and thinks about you.

Her general feelings toward you are perhaps the most important aspect of getting her back. Because until she's attracted to the person you are NOW, it's not going to matter what kind of person you once were.

Reversal techniques are the best way, hands-down, to get your ex back to the same place she was when the two of you first fell in love with each other.

This includes methods that can not only change your ex's current image of you, but actually regain the respect and admiration she had for you at the beginning of your relationship.

When it comes to changing your ex's viewpoint and turning things around? There's nothing as detailed as the step by step methodology found in the instantly downloadable resource, Breakup Reversed.

Break-Up Reversed

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Be sure to hear what Parsons has to say before going forward with even the smallest steps in your reconciliation process.

Robert Parsons knows what needs to be done, and he'll show you how and when you should be doing it.

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