Anthony Malibu - Get Her Back in 6 Steps

The 6 Easy Steps for Winning Her Back

A step-by-step breakdown of getting your ex to want you again

Lots of people break up. Lots of those people get back together. And in between? Those are the lost souls that, no matter what they did or tried, just couldn't get back together with that person they loved so much.

You're here, and that's good, because you already recognize that knowledge is power. Getting back with your ex girlfriend is merely a matter of steps you need to take. But you have take the correct steps. And you must take them in the right order.

On top of that, there are a thousand WRONG moves for every right one. Make too many mistakes, and you can ruin any chance at fixing the breakup even before you get started. So before you do anything else? Make sure you read ALL the steps necessary to winning your girlfriend back.

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Make Girlfriend Want You

Ultimately, you want to make your girlfriend need you back. Renewing the relationship should be natural. It should be her idea.

This gives you the best possible chance at keeping the romance alive and healthy, even after you've gotten back together. Because if your girl feels forced or coerced into begrudgingly taking you back?

Well, let's just say you'll be here again sooner than you think.

Step by Step - How to Get Her Back

The keys to unlocking the complex problem of your breakup

The steps below need to be done thoroughly and correctly. This means you can't skip any of them. There are no shortcuts.

You'll know when it's time to move from one step to the next. The progression will seem natural. Most of the time, your ex girlfriend will even help these steps along, by reacting to them in positive ways.

Step One: Understanding the Breakup and Damage Control

First things first: your relationship is OVER.

There's no 'getting it back'. There's no 'fighting for a second chance'. There's no song on the radio or cute little movie quote that's going to miraculously make your ex realize she loves you and fly back into your arms.

So when she dumps you? ACCEPT IT. Take it like a man, and a real man would do the only good thing: walk away.

Not only does walking away make you seem totally badass, but it actually helps the process of getting her back. This is because you're not being needy. You're not begging or pleading or being desperate. You're accepting your breakup for what it is; your girlfriend isn't as interested in you anymore. Which makes your next move pretty obvious:

You have to make her interested in you again.

None of that can happen until you've accepted the breakup to the point of actually agreeing with it. So say it with me: "Yeah, you're right. We're probably better off apart. Take it easy."

Step Two: Counter-Rejection to Turn the Tables

Know what hurts? Rejection. You already know this, because you just got rejected.

Know what doesn't hurt? Watching as your girlfriend has to go through that same rejection. Which means you need to very quickly and firmly counter-reject her in order to swing the pendulum of power back in your favor.

See, when your girlfriend broke things off she basically seized all the power. She left you powerless to do anything... or at least, just about anything.

There's only one way to get that power back again: you have to seize it from your exgirlfriend, and you have to take as much of it as you're able. And to do this, you need to employ these counter-rejection methods as soon as you possibly can.

The longer you wait? The worse things will be, and the more cold and distant she'll become. So don't take forever to make up your mind.

Step Three: Making Your Ex Miss You Through No Contact

Are you still calling your ex? Still texting her? Congratulations. You're systematically obliterating your chances of ever being her boyfriend again.

NOTHING is going to drive your girlfriend into the arms of some other guy faster than keeping that umbilical cord intact. By leaving these lines of communication wide open, you've created a breakup support system that allows your ex to float further and further away... until she's gone for good.

Still Friends with Ex Girlfriend
Are you trying to get
into the FRIEND ZONE?

"But we decided to still be friends..."


You can't be friends with a girl when you're still in love with her. And if you're reading this far, it's obvious you'll do just about anything to get this girl back.

So break all contact with your ex. Snap your phone in half if you need to. She's not going to want you back until she misses you first, and your girlfriend is never going to miss you until you're willing to disappear like a ninja from every aspect of her social life.

When your ex glances back to see where you went, she should see NOTHING. When she asks her friends about you, they should tell her you've been out laughing, playing around, and having the absolute time of your life. She should wonder why you haven't called. She should marvel at the fact you didn't even try to get her back.

And all of these things should make her totally insecure about her decision to end the relationship.

Step Four: Recreating the Guy She Fell In Love With

For this step, you need to think back to how you acted around your girlfriend when you first started dating her. Odds are pretty good your behaviors were much different in the beginning, because back then you were still trying to impress and seduce the hell out of her.

Getting her back requires that you do those things again. Not right away though, and not until after you've scored the reunion date will you show her this side of you again. But starting now, you have to keep it in mind. You can't get your ex to want you as a boyfriend again when you haven't made a single thing about the relationship more attractive than it was before.

And speaking of attractive, make sure you look and feel your best. Your appearance was what initially attracted your girlfriend to you in the first place, even before you opened your mouth to say a single word to her. So if during the course of your relationship, you let some aspects of your appearance go? Now's the time to fix it. During the NO CONTACT phase of the breakup, and before you get back in touch with her again.

The Later Steps - Contacting & Seeing Your Ex

The final stages of reconciliation are the most complicated

Step Five: Getting Back in Touch After the Breakup

Accepting and agreeing with the breakup eliminated neediness and made you independent. Counter-rejecting your ex made her question her decision to break up with you. Disappearing from her life, and not contacting her at all, made your ex curious about you again. You worked on yourself, and on re-creating the circumstances of the person your girlfriend first fell in love with.

Now, it's finally time to get back in touch with her again.

When to Call Your Ex Girlfriend
How long should you wait
before calling your ex?

So how long should you go NO CONTACT?

It depends. If everything went smoothly, your girlfriend was probably the one who broke no contact by getting back in touch with YOU.

If not, there are:

Ways of making your ex contact you FIRST

Learning these can help push even the most stubborn ex girlfriend into needing to hear from you again.

That said, the average amount of time you should leave your ex completely alone is about 4 weeks. Yes, a whole month of not talking to them, texting back and forth with them, messaging them on Instagram or 'liking' their Facebook posts.

A whole month of you getting yourself ready. A month of kicking ass and taking names, so that when your girlfriend finally does hear from you again, she's going to be extremely receptive to talking to you.

This is the only way to make good, positive contact with your girlfriend again. By creating a scenario where contact is mutual, you can ensure the best possible results in striking up a conversation. Plus, you'll have lots of things to talk about. After all, the two of you haven't seen each other for quite a while.

Step Six: Seeing Her For the First Time, and Sealing the Deal

When you've talked with your ex a few times, it'll eventually be time for the reunion date.

This is where the magic happens. You'll need to bring your A-game, and you'll have to be ready to be witty, charming, funny and cool. Just like you were when you first tried to date her.

If you go into the date without a plan, everything will be lost. And if you're not confident, or exude insecurity? You'll come off as pitiful, and you'll be back to square one.

In fact, the things you say on the reunion date are probably just as important as the things you DON'T say. Check out this full list of which topics are good and which ones are off-limits when talking to your ex.

When seeing her again, you'll need to relax. Remember, if she agreed to see you, things are already pretty good. Also, she's going to be just as nervous - and possibly even more - as you are, so try to keep cool and not blow it by tripping over your own words or running out of things to say.

During the date, watch your girlfriend's body language. Look for green lights; positive signs that she's responding to being around you again. Use these go-aheads to know when to lean in, get close, even touch her lightly on the arm or hand. These triggers will elicit even deeper emotional responses, which in turn will bring out any true, original feelings she still may have for you.

More Information on Getting Her Back

This is only an abridged version of the 6-step process.

For a LOT more information on each of these steps, see the top menu, or visit the steps individually here:

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